CQC & Compliance

01. Basic Compliance Healthcheck

This is a general assessment, in line with 5 key lines of enquiry.

Our basic compliance healthcheck is ideal if you are looking for an overview and guidance to help you discover the areas in which you are compliant and those that require attention. This can be followed by a more in-depth compliance check and our bespoke CQC compliance package to help you gear your practice towards full compliance. This is useful for all practices, new ownerships and start-ups.

02. Comprehensive Compliance Assessment

In-depth assessment of all governing regulations, CQC Standards and Evidence, with full gap analysis. 

This package is a comprehensive assessment of all CQC standards and includes an evaluation of evidence you have and will need to show in order demonstrate compliance. This is suitable for all practices.

03. Continued Compliance Check

Our continued compliance check is suitable for practices that have already demonstrated compliance or have had a recent inspection, but require assessment to ensure they still comply with the continual changes in legislation and best practice guidance that are rolled out by the CQC and other governing bodies. This is also useful for practices that have had a recent change in ownership, as the CQC are obliged to reassess all practices with a new registered provider. This option is usually chosen by our members on an annual basis, and includes assessing any new staff and their understanding of CQC compliance.

04. Compliance Update and Alert

Keeping you informed with monthly updates on recent changes in guidance that you need to be aware of.

05. Bespoke CQC Compliance Package

Tailor-made compliance system for your individual practice.

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