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We are dentists supporting other dentists in achieving a unanimously shared goal: for your practice to reach its full potential.

As dentists, we are able to fully appreciate the clinical, management and business pressures of the practice environment; therefore our methods are highly applicable and effective. We have a team of practice managers, dental nurses, treatment co-ordinators and IT support staff who underpin what we do; ensuring that every member of your team has corresponding support from us.

"We sweat the small stuff, so you don’t have to"

While there are many companies that deal with practice management, efficiency and compliance, each practice is different and therefore an umbrella approach cannot work for everyone. As clinicians and business development managers ourselves, we dedicate ourselves to gaining an in-depth understanding of each practice, so that we can provide a truly tailored approach to help you outline and achieve your vision for your practice through a series of pre-determined, tangible steps.

Ultimately, our role is one of diagnosis and treatment. We find weaknesses in existing systems; whether compliance, cross-infection, staff performance, profitability, patient conversion and many more. Once goals have been objectively identified, we help to build a team that is aligned around this practice vision by changing mindsets and coaching, so that together we can implement new strategies to strengthen these areas, in a way that is sustainable.

Our Specialist Team

Dr Danya Sbano


To complement her clinical insight into consulting dentists, Danya has run and managed a successful education consulting business for the past 12 years, alongside her clinical dentistry, providing her with extensive expertise in the consulting industry, and the expertise to empower and guide clients to develop in their roles, which has proven an invaluable asset. A keen believer in the efficiency of a team working towards a unified goal, Danya’s consulting expertise extends to cultivating team performance to facilitate staff working towards clearly defined aims.

Danya has 5 years experience in operations management and marketing management roles, equipping her with the tools to develop strategies to improve efficiency, and increase profitability.

Danya has a particular interest in legislation and best practice guidance. She holds positions of responsibility in CQC management in her current practice, as well as leading safeguarding training and developing streamlined protocols.

Dr Rouba Sbano


A passionate restorative and implant dentist, Rouba has held management positions in operations since 1996 and is on the board of directors for several non-dental companies; using her expertise to develop the business and engage the staff. She is a compliance and CQC registered manager in her own right, having undertaken the position from previous management and led her own practice to ‘outstanding’ rank, according to outcome from CQC inspection.

Working in the customer service sector for 5 years equipped Rouba with the tools to improve the overall patient experience. This, combined with management exposure, allowed her to develop rigorous business protocols that increase practice profitability and patient retention. Through her extensive experience, Rouba therefore imparts first hand and objective knowledge to our clients and instils improvement in team performance and practice efficiency.

With several years experience in West-End practices, Rouba has developed insight into the benchmark for clinical standards, and how to further this. Beyond the scope of CQC management and business development, her current non-clinical roles include head of staff training, employment and protocol implementation.


Sylwia Doskocz

Head of Operations

Sylwia’s role as assistant manager of her current practice provides her with a firm basis to implement the protocols that are required for our clients. She has also held positions as Head Nurse and Cross-infection lead, allowing her to convey her skills learnt through CQC effectively.

Sylwia has several years experience as assistant manager in the retail industry, to enhance her value in leading the operations that we implement. As well as her assistant manager role, Sylwia is treatment co-ordinator in her practice, acting as the link between the patient and the practice team to ultimately improve the patient experience, increase treatment acceptance and improve service.

Megan Flynn

Compliance & Training Associate

Adaleene Barnes

Compliance & Training Associate

Juliet Michaels

Compliance & Training Associate

Bernadette Vichalis

Compliance & Training Associate

Kathy Scott

Compliance & Training Associate

Larissa Brown

Compliance & Training Associate

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