Transform Your Dental Practice

We are dentists supporting other dentists in achieving a unanimously shared goal: for your practice to reach its full potential.

We Are Evolve Consulting

We are here to empower you with the skills and tools to transform your practice. Our bespoke service targets all aspects of ensuring the successful running of your practice: streamlining practice efficiency, maximising profits and optimising compliance.

“Modern dentistry requires a new kind of dental team for a new era”

Basic Compliance Healthcheck

This is a general assessment, in line with 5 key lines of enquiry.

Comprehensive Compliance Assessment

In-depth assessment of all CQC Standards and Evidence.

Continued Compliance Check

Suitable compliance for practices that are already compliant.

Compliance Update and Alert

Informed with monthly updates on recent changes in guidance.

Bespoke CQC Compliance Package

Tailor-made compliance system for your individual practice.

Performance Training

Create a team that is engaged and committed to practice growth.

Profitability & Efficiency

Treatment coordination services to create a more efficient practice.

Bespoke IT Consulting Services

Facilitate the development of software and data collection systems.

“Dentistry needs to reach patients in a way that speaks to them”

Known And Trusted

“These guys know what they are doing. Evolve Consulting is a truly professional team and I was so impressed with the depth of their knowledge. We now have strict procedures in our practice and this has raised team efficiency and the overall happiness in the practice. Everyone knows what they are supposed to be doing, and things just run smoothly now, so I can get on with my clinical dentistry.”

“I could not begin to imagine how to get my practice compliant. The more I read, the more I found I had no idea what to do. Evolve Consulting had a very logical step-by-step approach, and the right way to get the team on board with the intricate workings of CQC compliance. Compliance would have been a headache if I had not approached Evolve!”

“It makes a difference that Evolve Consulting is run by dentists. There is a level of understanding that makes my vision for the practice much easier to realise with other dentists on-board. Our practice has undergone rebranding and within a short space of time, practice turnover has increased and the results are really starting to show. ”

“I can rest knowing that if the CQC turn up at any given moment, my staff can perform, my practice logs are all in order and it can be easily maintained. Thank you!”

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